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Lust auf Bodypainting?

February 23, 2010

Wir suchen weibliche Modelle die Spaß am Modeln und Lust auf Bodypainting haben!

Es geht um Bodypainting und Bodyart und Du solltest viel Zeit und Geduld mitbringen sowie Spaß am Modeln und Bodypainting haben!
Anfängerinnen sind auch herzlich Willkommen – einfach kurze Bewerbung mit 1-2 Fotos an unsere Email schicken!

Sehr gerne stehe ich für weitere Informationen zur Verfügung!
Mehr Fotos findet Ihr hier in meinem Blog oder auch auf meinem Profil in

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New Model Casting

February 23, 2010

New Model Casting in Frankfurt – check out our next available appointments!

We are looking for female models for the following – see below:
-Classic Nude Photography

Check out also our ad here!

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Stylished Member

February 23, 2010


Richard von Wennerveld – Photographer, Designer and Bodypaint Artist. After doing photography since almost 20 years I started also with Bodypainting and Bodyart. Today Richard von Wennerveld – Photography is doing Model Casting, Setcards, Private Photo- and Video-Shots as well as Event-Photography. So far my photos where published in several photobooks about Erotic Art and Photography as well in several exhibitions worldwide.

Right now Iam working in Frankfurt, Germany / Zurich, Switzerland and Riga, Lativa

My Profile at

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February 22, 2010

Check out our partner – Affordable Stock Photos

Welcome to we provide you with the best quality stock photography at the most affordable prices. Check out the categories to the left or use the above search box to search for the photos you need. We are specialized in Eastern Europe, Russia, Central Asia, Silkroad and all along the Trans-Siberian-Railway, but we have still a wide range of other countries and themes as well… – So please check it all out here!

Our Photographer Section
Sell Your Photos here! As a photographer you can now sell also your photos here thru our site! Register today and upload your photos and artworks for free!
Signup as a Photographer NOW!

Please follow also our EASTmedia-online Blog

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Royalty Free Stock Photos – Travel Food Animals Art Photography

February 6, 2010

Great Stock PhotosRoyalty Free Photos, Download Stock Photos and Images Stock Photos from Eastern Europe, Russia, Central Asia and other parts of this world.
Affordable creative stock photography, illustrations, and art!
Beside lots of travel photos you find here also people photography, food photography, animals and backgrounds as well as some art photography.

As a Photographer or Artist you can also upload your photos free of charge and make some money with your photography!

Please feel free to check it out here:

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Photo Art Exhibitions

January 19, 2010

Some global Erotic Art Exhibitions – Richard von Wennerveld Photography and Bodyart



The New Nude Photo Forum

Foto Community

Model Casting – Model Agency – Erotic Casting

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Links und Partner

January 19, 2010

Swingerclubs, Paare, Swinger Forum und Chat
Swingerclubs, Paare, Swinger Forum und Chat

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Cannibal Couture Clubwear

January 6, 2010

Cannibal Couture Clubwear since 1989

Gegründet 1989 in Fankfurt (Bembeltown), Germany.
Als kleines und innovative Label sind unsere ersten Produkte schon Kult, da eine bekannte Firma aus Italien leider überhaupt keinen Spaß verstanden hat wurde im Jahr 1999 die Serie „United Colors of Bembeltown“ eingestellt. Inzwischen sind diese Teile begehrte Kultobjekte.

Fortgeführt habe wir diese Serie mit noch mehr Spaß mit dem Motiv „United Condoms of Bembeltown“ welche noch im gleichen Jahr mit dem European Design Award ausgezeichnet wurde.

Egal ob breit oder schmal, der Macht von Cannibal Couture Clubwear kannst du dich nicht entziehen. Unmöglich! Sie haben eine hypnotische Wirkung, der niemand widerstehen kann. Sie geben jedem Outfit einen lockeren Anstrich und verzerren die Realität zu Deinen Gunsten. Wir haben hier unsere aktuelle Collection ausgestellt. Cannibal Couture Clubwear gibt es nicht im Handel, sondern nur hier über unseren Online-Shop.

Pixel Gallery – Frankfurt

January 6, 2010 – Art Forum for Ditigal Photography and Multi-Media.

This website is a forum for artists and photographers who are working all digital.
Digital Photography and digital art is now an acceptable medium of creation and presentation by major museums, collectors and galleries, and the work of digital artists is gaining ground.

Digital art can be simply computer generated and algorithmic art or taken from other sources. Scanned photography or an image drawn using graphics software/programs using a mouse or graphics tablet and keyboard. Though technically the term may be applied to art done using other media or processes and merely scanned in, it is usually reserved for art that has been non-trivially modified by a computing process (such as a computer program, microcontroller or any electronic system capable of interpreting an input to create an output).
Artworks are considered digital painting when created in similar fashion to non-digital paintings but using software on a computer platform and digitally outputting the resulting image as painted on canvas.

Our goal is to present visitors the variety of digital artwork and photography on the internet and to provide artists with a place to share their digital artworks, receive feedback and interact with other artists and visitors.

If you are an artist and you work with the computer you are welcome to show your artworks here.